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For people with dietary problems, gluten allergic we will provide support.  Let us know!


At La Falúa we attempt to improve the environmental sustainability of  agriculture with enthusiasm for food products that are perceived to be traditional and local.

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We believe that local food can play an important role in the tourist’s experience because it appeals to the visitor’s desire for authenticity within the holiday experience. Local foods are “authentic” products that symbolise the place and culture of the destination.

We focus on the Canarian culinary traditions and aim to promote the wealth and authenticity of local agricultural products. We work closely with our local producers to provide our guests with the best and healthiest product possible.

Our seafood comes from sustainable farms and our fresh vegetables come form the local farmers directly. Our chefs work hard and use their experience to create the most delicious meals that will make you want to come back for more.

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The good wine, fine dining, affordable prices, organic food and last but not least – the presentation of the dishes are just few of the reasons to visit Restaurant.